Monday, January 27, 2014

Una Torta Per Una Cara Amica… A Cake For A Dear Friend…

Another Birthday party / lunch with "The girls".  As always,  we had lots of laughs and so much fun. This time,   I was in charge of the Cocktail  and the  Cake.  The Cocktail was a Champagne and St. Germain Gelee topped with more Champagne and Pomegranate Seeds.  It was beautiful,  a little unusual,  and delicious.  The cake was an Amaretto Cake layered with my Vanilla Pastry Cream and Almond,  wrapped with Fondant and topped with  hand made Gum Paste Flowers . The party decor was all very girly in various shades of pink so I lightly  painted my flowers with Pink Luster Dust…As a little finishing touch,  I wrapped the cake with a delicate,   slightly shimmery ribbon.


  1. i fiori sono stupendi!una meraviglia!!!!bravissima!!!!buona serata simona

  2. Mary,
    Those drinks look delightful! Nel had three tiers on her wedding cake, and one of them was Amaretto. It was very good. The pink flowers on your cake are soooo pretty. I'm glad you had fun at your friend's party. I also went to a birthday party this weekend. My father-in-law turned 90 - you don't see that every day!

    I love your new Header. It looks so Valentine.


  3. Mary, your cake is beautiful.
    I am intrigued by the St Germain gelee.


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