Thursday, January 9, 2014

Esfoliante Allo Zucchero Con Rosmarino E Vaniglia…Vanilla Rosemary Sugar Scrub…

Our "winter" weather has been crazy… mid seventies and very dry. Feels anything but wintery. Not to complain,  but it does make one's skin super dry,  and in need of some pampering.  Homemade  Vanilla Rosemary Sugar Scrub … a fragrant way to get some relief.  I simply combined the aromatics with some raw sugar and Almond Oil, and packed it into jars.  Favorite scents,  and soothing oil…they will make nice gifts too.


  1. Like everything you make dear Mary, those are so beautiful!... I would gladly trade you some of our winter weather today for some of your warmth and sunshine... we are getting hit with another huge snowstorm, up to an additional 10 inches today... I want to be in my gardens!... xoxo Julie Marie

  2. Hmmmm, vanilla rosemary sugar scrub - I have never heard of that before, how clever.

    It is very cold here today, and just trying to stay warm. I appreciate this wintery weather though. Did I ever tell you how much I love San Diego? Our family lived close to it a few years ago, and we always had the funnest time going to old town.


  3. perfetto come regalo! mi immagino il profumo...

  4. Hi Mary, would you please share the recipe for the scrub and its shelf life. I would like to give it as gifts to my friends. Thank you so much? ps love your blog -I am the daughter of Italian immigrant parents who settled in New England- I am so appreciative of everyone and everything that keeps the culture and traditions I grew up with alive!

  5. Beautiful, Mary!
    I have all that I need to make this!
    Have a great weekend!

  6. Ciao! Anch'io faccio l'esfoliante per il corpo. uso zucchero di canna, olio di mandorle dolci e una essenza agli agrumi che ho preso in erboristeria. E dopo la pelle è splendida!


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