Friday, January 3, 2014

Giardinaggio… Gardening…

I haven't been doing too much gardening since Fall,  but lately, our weather has been so warm,  it feels like spring is in the air.  Getting ready to prune the roses. Although the garden looks a bit sleepy,  I see signs of life… Sweet peas are popping up and little green shoots here and there, the Arugula is still very happy and growing well,  but,   it is winter after all ,  so it will be a little while before things start really looking good and showing lots of growth.  There are lots of birds around,  enjoying the repurposed Gingerbread House left over from Christmas.


  1. You know, Mary, I have been wanting to get back to nature myself lately. It brings me such peace. I see your roses in the background. I can't believe they are still blooming. I would love to take a walk through your garden. You take such good care of it.

    Thank you for the prayer for my brother-in-law. The last I heard he was doing better. Have a peaceful weekend.


  2. Oooh Mary, I am so envious of your warm weather and gardens!... I cannot wait for Spring!... your Cyclamen is so pretty!... and speaking of pretty, you look absolutely stunning in your new profile pic, you are such a beautiful lady!... xoxo Julie Marie

  3. ciao mary il tuo giardino è veramente fantastico!quelle piccole casette sono stupende!
    buon anno simona


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