Thursday, February 27, 2014

La Vacanza E Finita… The Vacation Is Over…

After a month long visit,  Vitangelo and Angela left yesterday.  I'm feeling a little lonely,  and a lot less busy.  We had a great time , sharing great food,  remembering times past,  planning for future visits…  next time in Italy…


  1. What beautiful photos dear Mary, and I am sure you had a wonderful time visiting... how fun you will be going to Italy next time, I would love to visit there!... xoxo Julie Marie

  2. You are the best hostess Mary and what a wonderful cook. Abbracci

  3. ti capisco... I miei genitori verranno a trovarci a meta' Marzo, poi sara' il nostro turno ad andare questa estate/autunno

  4. Dopo tanto tempo insieme è brutto il distacco. Senti, ho una curiosità che non so se mi vuoi togliere: ho capito che sei nata a Mola di Bari, però ........ il tuo cognome è tipicamente napoletano! Le tue origini 'originali' devono essere di Napoli!

  5. le foto sono stupende!ti manca l'Italia....allora a presto...simona:)

  6. Beautiful Mary, and I love reading the Italian comments! Now that my Mom, and most of my older aunts and uncles are gone, I don't get to speak Italian much the collage of your beautiful food and surroundings...N.xoxo

  7. I know what you mean, Mary. When the girls' visit, we are so busy doing things, and when they leave, the house seems quieter. I still have my son around though. I'm so glad for friends like you to share things with.

    Have a nice weekend, and I love your collage of pictures. I haven't figured out how to do that yet.



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