Monday, February 3, 2014

Giardino Invernale… Winter Garden…

It always looks so bare in the "winter"… (I use that term loosely ) ,  Snow and cold practically everywhere else,  and we are gardening… still.   The Roses have been pruned .  The fountain garden is pretty happy, with some herbs and vegetables… still waiting on signs of Artichokes on the plants which are growing nicely.  Some flowers mixed in for extra color and to keep the bees happy.  Jim is just about ready to build my new raised beds … looking forward to that.  Springtime will be here before we know it…


  1. Your garden is lovely even in winter, Mary. And I see your rabbit poking its head getting ready for spring. I like the heart that you made with all the rocks, and I love the lady statue with the white flowers blooming from it. I think I've seen that one before. It's gorgeous.

    Have a great week.


  2. Mary il tuo giardino è una meraviglia!bellissimo!
    ti auguro una buona giornata simona

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  4. Oh my gosh Mary, your gardens are so beautiful, I am envious of your warm gardening weather!... I especially love the little heart out of rocks with succulents inside... so pretty!... xoxo Julie Marie

  5. Ohhhh Mary, you California girls are so lucky...still gardening!! Wish I was in your garden right now! It looks beautiful! We are freezing and got 14 inches of snow yesterday here...I am staying indoors most days playing house...great to see you this morning! Hugs, N.xo


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