Sunday, February 16, 2014

Ravioli E Cannelloni… Ravioli And Cannelloni…

Making use of all of the Arugula growing in the fountain garden by making some Ravioli and Cannelloni…  Homemade Ricotta with  Arugula for the filling,  and Arugula Garnish on the Pasta Dough.  They freeze well which will be handy while company is around, for a quick meal.


  1. Mary, these are so gorgeous, and I can imagine how delicious they have given me the inspiration to do son, Matt's favourite, manicotti...yours are picture perfect...I made gnocchi last week for his birthday...hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day...we are still experiencing the coldest winter..enjoy the California sunshine, N.xo

  2. ....I also love the new header! N.xo

  3. Mary, Mary, Mary...
    You have inspired me to never to by store bought pasta again.
    I can't wait until it's warm enough to plant our kitchen garden!

  4. Those are absolutely gorgeous! My mouth is watering. Susan @ Romancing the Home

  5. My husband just ordered the Cannelloni at the Italian restaurant we went to on Vday, and he said it wasn't the best. Yours looks yummy, and the Raviolis too!

    I love to see your special dishes, Mary.


  6. Quando si dice che solo in Italia si mangia bene ...
    Io i ravioli e i cannelloni non li ho mai fatti con la rucola, ma di proverò a breve, magari aggiungendo un sughetto veloce a base di olio evo, pomodorini e basilico. E anche del parmigiano.
    Buona giornata. Qui è esplosa la primavera!

  7. Your homeade canneloni-ravioli looks delicious. Your arugula is beautiful and is perfect in this dish!


  8. How delicious and one of my favorites - almost too pretty to eat!!

  9. Everything is so unbelievably wonderful - where do you get you ideas and inspirations? Love the uniqueness of the arugala in the pasta. Hoping that you've saved me some :)

  10. I love making homemade pasta. I do tiles similar to yours. Just in case you have not visited my blog, here is a link to the ones I made.


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