Saturday, June 23, 2018

Fragranza... Fragrance...

I don't necessarily think that Favors are a "thing" for funerals, but we just thought it would be a nice touch.  I have made these fragrant sachets many times before using my leftover candle wax, some essential oils, and little flowers picked from the garden. Using my silicone flower and heart molds,  we created highly fragrant little sachets for the ladies who came to Mom's services. We packaged them and added a little note with Mom's name and dates,  and on the flip side of the card we added a little note... It read,  "Remembering the beautiful fragrance of your life".  As it turned out,  everybody loved them,  and we did too.


  1. Oh Mary, this is such a special thing to do. I would have never thought of making favors either, but these are lovely and when I read the note, it really got to me. So beautiful. That one looks like daisies. : )


  2. So sorry for your loss. She was a lovely, gracious lady. These favors are beautiful. 💖


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