Monday, February 1, 2016

A Casa Per Il Weekend… Home For The Weekend …

Dinner at home, when Priscilla comes home for the weekend is always fun.  We have shared so many special meals at the table as a family. Priscilla has grown up with it and so have we.  I love when Jim remembers his Mom cooking three meals a day on the farm… and I cherish the memories of so many family meals at home,  and at the restaurant.  In keeping with these important  traditions we continue on with wonderful gatherings of family,  small and large…   Beef Wellington,  made in the traditional way… Mushroom Duxelles,  Prosciutto,  and Prime Fillet Of Beef,  and Lobster Tails with Herb Compound Butter were the stars of this show… My Raspberry Almond Tart was a great finish…


  1. You are simply AMAZING!

    Mary, I can only wish and dream to join you and your wonderful family and at number of your incredible dinners. Just wow!

  2. Your food is like art. Almost to beautiful to eat! But I would force myself! Unbelievable. Beautifully prepared food.

  3. A meal fit for a Queen, Mary. So delicious, and your table looks lovely. The lobster tails sure do look good, and the raspberry tart looks scrumptious. I'm sipping on my coffee right now wishing I had a slice of your tart.

    love, ~Sheri


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