Thursday, September 1, 2016

Torta Per Angie Ed Elliot... A Cake For Angie And Elliot...

My trip to Seattle for Angie and Elliot's wedding was so great.  The weather was warm (too warm),  but on the Wedding day,  it was perfect.  Angie was stunning... what a gorgeous couple!   The cake was to be,  as requested by the Bride and Groom,  simple,  and just a touch nautical.  They LOVED it,  and that made me very happy.   I was flattered to be included in the preparations,  and to be asked to design the dessert table treats and floral arrangements,  and put together the "tossing bouquet".  It was a beautiful celebration, with   lots of fun had by all. Topping off my fun week was a visit with Lynne from " 34th"... She is just adorable and sweet as can be...


  1. What an honor to make the cake, Mary. It's very nice. The dessert table brings back memories of Jess' wedding and her chocolate table. Oh, it all looks fantastic, and the aqua colors are beautiful. Look at all those goodies! You must have worked so hard on this, Mary. The bride's dress is lovely. I'm glad you had a special time in Seattle, and you met Lynne, that was a special treat!

    love, ~Sheri

  2. Che bella festa!...e che belli gli sposi!
    Per non parlare della torta...una meraviglia!

  3. Mary, everything look beautiful. Such a privilege to create those beautiful desserts and bouquet. The wedding is lovely and the couple look fabulous. You have an eye for beautiful design. A pleasure to view.

  4. How beautiful everything is. A beautiful couple, the flowers, and the cake! I would hire you any time. Fabulous job.

  5. That cake is AMAZING!!!! You have really out-done yourself, girlfriend! WOW!

    And what a beautiful couple - and the desserts all look so delicious!

  6. Bellissimo post! Auguri agli sposi! Mariuccia

  7. Oh MARY!

    That cake!

    I'm am with Michele above AMAZING!
    I would like to share this beautiful cake at 34. Soon we will be in full "wedding" mode. still above ground after our meeting! You are a beautiful and cherished blog friend!

  8. Glad you enjoyed your trip! The cake is beautiful ♥

  9. Sei bravissima!!! Felice di poter rivedere le tue meraviglie, creazioni fatte con il cuore!

  10. Una bellissima coppia... e una grande soddisfazione per te aver partecipato alla perfetta riuscita della festa con la tua meravigliosa torta! Complimenti!!


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