Friday, September 23, 2016

Ciao Autunno... Hello Autumn...

Time flies when you're  having fun but this is crazy... September is close to being over and Fall is here.   Loving the cooler mornings and evenings and the smell of Fall in the air.  It smells different at this new place... more outdoorsy... Love that!  As I do each year on the first day of Autumn,  I made a pie... Pumpkin this time,   classic,   and with my usual embellishment of hand cut leaves.  This pie is the first Fall dessert of the season with many more to come.  We celebrated Jody's Birthday here,  with the girls... lots of fun.  I made lunch and the cake... Pumpkin Spice with Pecans.


  1. Che scatti favolosi, soprattutto quelli di "copertina", davvero tanto autunnali!!
    Un abbraccio

  2. Mary, you never fail to absolutely inspire me.

    It's so difficult to be inspired to decorate for autumn when it is hot 90 degrees and so muggy. I hear rain is coming this weekend, followed by cooler temps returning - hope so - right now there isn't a cloud in this hot blue sky!

    Your pics are GORGEOUS - esp that cake - just wow - you amaze me at every turn!

  3. tutto meraviglioso!complimenti!
    buon we simona

  4. Oh, I love spice cake, and are those Purple Roses? They're beautiful. Pumpkin Pie, a classic choice. I love the Fall leaves adorning it. Your table setting is lovely, and all the white pumpkins around your home adds a nice touch.

    Happy Fall days, Mary. Yes, it's getting cooler here too.

    love, ~Sheri

    ps that centerpiece is absolutely unique, and have never seen anything quite like it. :)

  5. Oh Mary, How lovely! For the first time ever, I wanted to hang onto Summer. Perhaps a baking a pumpkin pie will drive me over the finish line. As always you inspire us with your creativity and style. It's so fun watching you style your new home! ( I have had my eye on those "Anthro" plates . . . possibly for the settings at the table of our bride and groom next Summer. )

  6. Il primo autunno nella nuova casa, un compleanno da festeggiare... bellissima tavola e un menù davvero goloso! Complimenti:)


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