Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Viaggio Autunnale... Autumn Trip...

Things have been just a bit different around here... Although I feel very settled in this new place,  I realize that I am still a bit out of sorts.  Situating a "garden" of sorts has helped this place feel even more like home... but it's just different.  I am definitely staying busy... a wedding,  cooking for parties,  and family dinners,  but my creative juices have just not been flowing as usual... just a few Autumn touches so far,   I will continue to work on that... Meanwhile,  we are enjoying very colorful sunrises over the lake and sunsets.   Very excited for  my upcoming trip to Italy with Priscilla!  Maybe Jim realized that I need a little something,  and suggested that Priscilla and I take a trip.  A very last minute plan makes it a little stressful,  but I am happy to be going in Autumn... looking to be inspired and feel more like myself...


  1. Oh, these sunrises are beautiful, Mary. Such deep colors swirling around in them. Yes, it takes time to settle into a new place and area, and I will be doing the same thing this week. I am moving into a different place, and it will take some getting used to. There are always things we like better than our old place and there are things we like less. Love the apothecary jars with the goodies, and the orange pumpkin with the flowers is so charming. It's just not the same without orange pumpkins this time of year. A trip to Italy with Priscilla, how wonderful! I look forward to hearing more about it, Mary.

    love, ~Sheri

  2. Beautiful view and sunrise. I know it will take you awhile to feel settled. your yard was so much larger. Love your fall touches. The arbor and chandy are gorgeous. I want to hear more about your journey.

  3. Wonderful sunset and wonderful decorations!

  4. Che meraviglioso tramonto! Nonostante i tuoi impegni, riesci a sempre a mettere tanta grazia nelle decorazioni della tua casa: i colori dell'autunno riscaldano l'atmosfera e rendono ogni immagine magica... Un viaggio in Italia? Dove? Devi raccontarci di più:)
    Buon autunno, a presto

  5. Hello dearest Mary,
    This move was a big move for you. So far your transformations are lovely.
    I cannot tell if it is a deck or a patio but it is styled beautifully. I have always thought that California has it's own special light.

    I am going to have tinsel put in my hair for the holidays . . . I loved how it looked on you when we met!


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