Thursday, October 27, 2016

In Italia ....In Italy ...

It was  nice  to be there again ,  with Priscilla this time. Things were as they always are there,  visually... familiar things and family…As always,  the first photos I take are of the Piazza and the Adriatic Sea,  taken from the balcony of mom's 3rd floor apartment,  which is where we stayed this time...  at sunrise on our first day in Mola.  Being the off-season,  there were  fewer tourists around and it was less hectic,  which was nice.  Jet lag got the best of me,  and lots of Espresso's didn't help with sleeping much...  we spent lots of time with family and visited new places,  and favorite places too...  Mola Di Bari,  Alberobello,  Matera,  Poligniano,  Grottaglie, Ostuni,  Cisternino,  Monopoli... love them all.  Matera's  ancient cave dwellings are amazing,  and Grottaglie's ceramics are unbelievably gorgeous,  and hard to resist,   but Alberobello is my favorite and we decided to spend one night there  in a Trullo.  The one we stayed in was built in the 1800's.   It was authentic,  comfortable and  so charming... an experience we will  definitely want to repeat.  It was a great trip!



  1. These are charming pictures, Mary, with the stone steps, the ancient cave dwellings, the plates on the wall, and the unusual twisted tree. I'm so glad you had a nice visit in Italy and got to see your Mother. Italy is beautiful, and I really hope to go there someday.

    love, ~Sheri

  2. How beautiful, Mary! I have a dear friend, and her husband's father's family came from there. What a beautiful place. Love the bright orange pumpkins in one photo.

  3. Che Bella. Thank you Mary for those beautiful pictures of Italy. I looked at them 4 times already. They are really lovely, the houses, the stone walkways, the curving stone steps, all of it was beautiful to see. Thank you for sharing such loveliness with us. Marianne

  4. Your images are beautiful, Mary. From your balcony, to the villas to the stone structures at the edge of the sea. I love the pumpkins! They look like part of the architecture in that sweet little ancient village. You must feel comfort and peace when you go home to this very special place on earth.

  5. Bentornata!! Che belle immagini... fanno tornare la voglia d'estate, quelle dei trulli poi, sono davvero meravigliose, un viaggio indimenticabile! Bellissima la Puglia...
    A presto


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