Thursday, November 3, 2016

Il Tempo Vola... Time Flies...

I absolutely cannot believe that it is November ... I guess being in Italy threw me off... I lost my usual getting the house ready for Fall and Halloween.  Now Halloween has come and gone and it is time to celebrate family birthdays.  I feel out of my usual routine,  and I suppose it is because of being in a new place and never having had any seasons here ... it is very strange to me,  feeling as though I don't know how things should look here right now.  I purged so much before this move,  which is good... but I am at a loss...  I will continue to try and get the house  looking a little more like the season ,  a season that I love so much...


  1. Well, for being thrown off, your home looks charming as ever, Mary. I love those glittery trees, and the purple colors are so pretty on your table. Oh my, those rolls look good, I can just pull one off and eat it right now. :) That candy looks simply delicious.

    Happy November, Mary.

    love, ~Sheri

  2. Hope you really enjoyed your stay in Italy, dear lady. And I think your pictures are stunning. You'll get it - just give it some time.

    And no - I CANNOT believe it is November already - it's shocking - esp when it's been in the mid 70s - unreal for Ohio. My iris are blooming for the 3rd time this year!

  3. La tua tavola parla di autunno e di festa, il primo autunno nella tua nuova casa ed è tutto bellissimo! E'vero, il tempo vola e siamo ad un passo dal Natale... Buon novembre..

  4. Auguri per la tua nuova casa,bellissime le cose che cucini e le tavole poi.. spettacolari bravissima.ciao dall'Italia.valentina


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