Monday, November 28, 2016

I Sapori D'Italia... The Flavors Of Italy...

It is so hard to let go of the vacation... Leaving behind family,  and friends after spending such great time together.  Keeping that feeling alive,  for me,  is best done by cooking and recreating those authentic Italian flavors.  Things really taste so good in Italy... different... The Mozzarella,  Burrata, Ricotta... the Tomatoes!!!  Too good.. We do have good products available to us here,   but,  it is not the same.  Driving along the winding country roads through vineyards and centuries old olive groves we saw dairies and  their animals grazing on the beautiful land giving the milk that makes those wonderful Latticini.  It inspires me to continue cooking the way we do and to always keep our culture alive and real.  Food is beautiful on it's own,  but embellishing is something I love to do... Using my Corzetti stamp to make pretty little pasta coins,  or pressing fresh herbs into a Pizza Rustica makes me happy.   On our day in Matera I learned about  the Timbri del Pane Di Matera.  Bread stamps from Matera.  Little works of art,   bearing the family initials  or other familial symbols,  which families would use to identify their bread loaf when they brought it to bake in the communal oven.  I fell in love with these stamps,  all made by hand,   in simple or elaborate designs,  carved from different types of wood.  Mine is the rooster which is so symbolic of Puglia,  and made from Walnut.  I have tried it just a few times so far... it will take (a lot ) of practice to really get the imprint  right on my loaves,  pressing hard enough to see the letters without deflating my loaf. The imprint is just barely visible on this loaf.  The artist who sold it to me said that it would take some practice to know exactly when to stamp my dough,  how hard etc... I will keep trying,  and whether  or not I can get it right,  it will always bring back memories of a great day in  Matera with Priscilla,  Nicola,   Chiara,  and Claudio.


  1. Che meraviglia questi timbri per la pasta!!!
    Sono meravigliosi...
    Che belle parole e quanto amore si sente nelle tue frasi per l'Italia.
    Forse, noi che abitiamo qui, non sempre ci ricordiamo della fortuna che abbiamo nel poter godere SEMPRE di quel che rende l'Italia famosa nel mondo...
    Un grande abbraccio.

  2. Così hai portato a casa un pezzetto di Italia... bellissimo! Sicuramente saprai ricreare la magia della tua vacanza anche a casa... immagini bellissime!! Buona settimana

  3. Driving along the country roads through Italy sounds wonderful and seeing the olive trees and tasting many Italian dishes. Italian food is my favorite, and just went to a restaurant recently which makes the best food. What a cool idea to put your stamp on a loaf of bread that you make. Keep making your authentic Italian dishes, Mary. I'm sure your family appreciates it very much. Oh, how I dream of going to Italy one day....lucky you.

    love, ~Sheri


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