Saturday, September 17, 2016

Piaceri Autunnali... Autumn Pleasures...

It is beginning  to feel like Fall... no colored leaves yet,  just that lovely breeze... a perfect time for  gardening with some added Autumn touches in my new container garden...and of course for spending lots of time in the kitchen, using favorite seasonal ingredients in beautiful colors... love purple in the Fall and decided to use some in the kitchen... Gnocchi from purple potatoes.  A first attempt at that turned out great,  taste wise,  but I wanted a vibrant purple color, in spite of the addition of fresh lemon to the potatoes after putting them through the food mill,   they turned out lavender,  not purple,  still gorgeous.   Next time I will try a different variety of purple potato in hopes of getting a deeper hue.  I always give purple cauliflower a big squeeze of fresh lemon to return it to it's bright purple color after cooking it,  and that keeps it beautiful. It's also time to make some cozy Fall crafts... It's much to early for Halloween,  but some fall touches are a must.


  1. Oh Mary, I am always filled with wonder when I come over here. Is that a fairy garden? It's adorable. I've always wanted to create a fairy garden - yours is so enchanting. Those cookies with the chocolate drops look very Yummy. I love all your Autumn touches, especially those little white pumpkins in the urn. Purple is my favorite color, and didn't realize you love Purple in the Fall as well.

    Enjoy these Autumn days, Mary.

    love, ~Sheri

  2. Oh, those bomboli look divine, and the cauliflower patties? Yum!

  3. Che meravigliosa atmosfera qui!...profuma già d'autunno e di dolci tentazioni!...arriva la stagione che amo di più!...

  4. Hello beautiful friend! My gosh! Your garden and surroundings appear as if you have lived in your new home for a year! You always drive my spirit and inspire me, Mary!


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