Sunday, August 21, 2016

Fine Estate... End Of Summer...

What a hot summer it has been and still is... A few beach picnics,  and certainly a few more before the end of summer... but,  it is that familiar time when I can't help but think of Fall.  I love Autumn,  and I can't wait for it to be here.  Looking forward  to adding Fall touches to our new place,  making it feel even more like ours.  Doing some crafting and seasonal  cooking  will help me to feel more and more like myself .  Getting ready for my trip to Seattle for Angie's wedding is  exciting too. I know I will have so much fun helping with the Dessert Table and making The Cake  with Marilyn.   Marilyn tells me there is a bit of the feeling of Fall in the air up there,  and I am looking forward to that...but,  looking at the forecast this morning,  it looks like it will be a warm week in Seattle as well... Hoping for a beautiful sunny,  drizzle free  day for Angie and Elliot...


  1. Che atmosfera, già!..l'estate sta scivolando via, ma le ultime giornate sono quelle forse più intense e cariche di bei ricordi...fino alla prossima!

  2. Have a fun trip, Mary!

    Your foodie pics are so scrumptuous!


  3. Loves the idees with the birds and butterflies on /in the food (I do that also more)greetings,Joan

  4. Your foods make me want to try everything you've shared here. The peach tarts look delicious, and the chocolate tart with the bird is so creative. It looks like powdered sugar? Wishing you a pleasant trip to Seattle. I hear it's so pretty there.....and cooler than our California weather. What a beautiful picture this is of the sunset. I'm looking forward to Autumn too, Mary.

    love, ~Sheri

  5. Mary, as usual your photos wanting me to reach out and taste each beautiful dessert. You have a beautiful gift of cooking and presentation. Each dessert is lovely and I know made with love. Here's to more summer enjoyment, because fall is around the corner.


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