Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Giardino Invernale…Winter Garden…

It's that time of the year ,  part of the country is covered in snow,  and i'm complaining that things are looking so bare.  Having to prune the roses while they still want to bloom… so spoiled…


  1. bellissimo questo giardino d'inverno!
    bacioni Mary...simona:)

  2. My heart skips a beat whenever I see your pink roses, Mary. I wish I had a garden like yours, it's wonderful. I think all the bird statues and pots that surround your garden make it even more special. I just saw one of those purple cabbage plants and took a picture of it. They are so unusual looking. You and Nel have roses on your mind today. She took some pics of her red roses in the sunlight.

    Have a blessed day.


  3. Quanta grazia e quanta bellezza nel tuo giardino, un incanto! Ed ogni immagine è d'ispirazione... complimenti, davvero.

    A presto


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