Monday, January 26, 2015

Gnocchi Alle Erbe… Herb Gnocchi…

The garden is growing nicely with plenty of herbs that need to be used… decided to put them into a batch of Gnocchi…


  1. Oh my, this looks good, and all the herbs you used are coming from your garden. It looks like a lot of work! Did I ever tell you, Mary, that your kitchen countertops look so much like mine? I noticed the spaghetti on your Header. I think I will make it this week. :~)

    love, ~Sheri

  2. che bontà mary!buonissimi!grazie per le indicazioni!
    un bacione simona:)

  3. Hi Mary! These look delish! I love to make gnocchi as well, wish I could just go out and pick a handful of fresh herbs too! Right now we are in a January freeze, and I have been indoors for a few days...your comfort food dish has made me happy! Nxoxo

  4. Buonissimi! Mi madre non li faceva mai, perche' non gli piacevano. Io ogni tanto li faccio, anche se piacciono solo a me e a una delle mie bimbe.

  5. Those gnocchi look and sound fabulous. And those dishes, wow!


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