Tuesday, September 2, 2014

La Vacanza... The Vacation...

Vitangelo and Angela wanted me to come and stay with them for a few days. Their home is an old farmhouse which was built in 1800 . The property is covered with decades old olive trees with amazing,  gnarled trunks.  They have converted part of this large home into a beautiful wedding and party venue. The interior being nothing short of spectacular,  with its old stone walls and Cathedral ceilings,  and all of Angela's personal touches, perfectly situated.  Work of local artists is highlighted in the interior as well as Francesca's artwork including her painted glass and various oil paintings . Many of Angela's personal mosaics are also gracing the interior of this gorgeous place. Charming little stone walls running along the paths  dotted buy olive trees are everywhere. I had been here before but it just keeps getting better it's absolutely spectacular,  and goes by the name Masseria Torrepietra in Monopoli, Bari, in the region of Puglia.


  1. Mary,
    wow, this house looks incredible. Love those olive trees with the gnarled trunks. I used to have olive trees at my old home, so they are very special to me. The brick on the wall and the unique light fixture are just some of the pretty details that I've noticed. I can see why they have weddings here. What a lovely place to get married.

    Happy September, Mary!


  2. How beautiful Mary!... hope you are having a fabulous time... thanks so much for your visits, xoxo Julie Marie

  3. What a gorgeous place, I love the wonderful old trees. What a wonderful place to vacation.

  4. Dear Mary,
    What an unbelievable place, the architecture is truly amazing. The view through the tunnel of arches is breathtaking. Think I'll renew my wedding vows there :) Miss you but so glad you're having a fantastic time,
    Linda x

  5. OMG! I sure hope one of our kids has a destination wedding!!!

    Love, Yuri ps. Miss you

  6. How absolutely beautiful!
    The chandeliers and the detail at the peaks of the arches is mesmerizing.

  7. I cannot tell you how many people commented on the ambiance of the venue, the stellar wedding planner and the food! It felt like almost every guest complimented the menu.


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