Friday, September 19, 2014

Bella Italia... Beautiful Italy...

The beauty of Italy ia never ending... But as much as I love the archetecture of the great cities,  I have a great love for the southern countryside dotted by little villages. One of my favorite villages being Alberobello.  The Trulli homes are so unique and charming surrounded by seemingly never ending acres of olive orchards.  Matera was amazing with it's ancient history and amazing homes  and churches which were built into the caves...  Ostuni, " The White City" is lovely,   perched up on a hillside overlooking the Adriatic Sea. 


  1. Oh Mary!
    How enchanting is Alberobello!
    I am captured not only the beauty, but also the touches of whimsy and humor that flourish the village!
    I shall pin to remember this journey of yours, with hopes that I may travel there one day!
    Welcome home!

  2. Oh Mary what a beautiful part of your trip. Oh to live in that quaint area and wake up to that beauty everyday. What a beautiful city.

  3. I trulli! quanti ricordi.....gita con la scuola tanti tanti anni fa'.

  4. Oh, I love these little cottages, Mary. As I get older, I would prefer the smaller homes to the larger ones. You really did a nice job with these pictures. I love the picture with the pumpkins on the roof. Italy is so beautiful. I want to go there someday for sure.



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