Monday, September 8, 2014

Paesi Belli...Beautiful Towns...

Visiting little towns in southern Italy is always a treat. The architecture never ceases to amaze. We just don't have architecture like this in Southern California . So incredible to think how old things are,  and how great they still look… Beautiful!  Mola Di Bari, Conversano Lecce...


  1. Ah Mary - such beautiful photos. I am sure one gets such a sense of timelessness when you visit a place that is this old and lovely. Hope you are enjoying your vacation. Have a great time.

  2. ma che posti favolosi!bellissimi mary!felice di sentirti..a presto simona:)

  3. The old buildings and architecture is definitely what makes Italy so charming. And is that an alley I see? Oh, I wish I was in Italy right now. :~)


  4. The buildings and streets never cease to amaze me - they are truly eye candy! Beautiful pictures of beautiful places.
    Linda x

  5. Mary, The buildings are so beautiful in Italy. I know you're having a wonderful time visiting where you were born and relatives. So happy for you!! Missing you in San Diego. Can't wait for your return to hear all about it...

  6. I remember my first trip to Europe. It was 1969. The biggest message I came home with was how the Europeans maintained and took care if their buildings and homes. At that time Seattle was tearing down the old brownstones and historic theaters and replacing them with metal and glass! Since then, we have gotten better about holding on to historic structures.

    I am so enjoying Italy through your lens, Mary!


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