Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Prima Foto Di Vacanza.... First Vacation Photo...

The view of the Adriatic from Frances' balcony is just as beautiful as ever. I've taken  photos like this  so many tmes over the years. Waking up to this is an absolute treat!


  1. What a great view from your balcony, Mary. Looking forward to seeing more of your vacation photos.


  2. An incredible view, and what a way to wake up - the beautiful Mediterranean awaits you - you lucky thing :)
    Linda x

  3. Your view of the Aegean Sea is beautiful and uplifting!
    I am revisiting this post.
    I am just now finding time to both visit and leave comments with my blog friends. Since, July 20th, my parents have needed a little closer attention from me. We had our deck demo'd, doubled in size, and added a staircase. It took almost four weeks of après-work and weekend construction and two coats of stain. The weather complied, We only lost one day due to rain. I have gradually placed myself back into my previous morning routine.
    Here with my first coffee and...w/Love.


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