Monday, August 11, 2014

Bellezze del Weekend… Weekend Beauty…

It was a beautiful weekend… Family,  Friends,  Dinners Al Fresco,  A Fig Tart with Local Honey and Sage,   Mixed Berry Pie,   A Ricotta Tomato Tart With Herbs,   Beautiful Flowers,  Bread and Focaccia , Mussels, etc,  etc …


  1. Oh my word, how I wish to have been there, Mary!

    How beautiful and delicious!

  2. Mary, can I live with you? haha......I would be eating the goods every day. I would love to taste that fig tart because I'm a big fan of figs. Ricotta tomato tart, wow that looks delicious. Your sunflowers are so pretty. You know, I've never tried mussels before because I don't like seafood much - just lobster and shrimp. Everything looks amazing, and it's a feast for the eyes.


  3. ciao Mary!che bello!ma qui è tutto una meraviglia!complimenti!
    ti abbraccio simona:)

  4. Oh, so beautiful and delicious food! Great photos!
    Thanks for your mood!

  5. Hello dear Mary... sooo good to hear from you today... what a delightful post this is!... love all of your flowers and food!... that focaccia looks so delish!... glad you are enjoying these lingering days of Summer too... xoxo Julie Marie

  6. Your food looks absolutely mouth watering! Makes me want to try everything.
    Stunning pictures.
    New follower,


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