Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Uova Per Pasqua… Easter Eggs…

I've been planning our Easter Dinner,  deciding on a menu and the decor… somehow though ,  this year,   i'm torn,  and can't seem to decide between  pastels,  which I love for Easter… or,  a   more rustic, muted garden theme…. We'll likely be dining outside,  so,  we'll see.  I started the "season" making delicate ,  pastel , Velvet Easter  Eggs,  and now it's dark , muted garden colored Eggs with Pressed Flowers.  I guess i'm sort of Garden Obsessed right now…  


  1. buona pasqua!!!bellissime uova!a presto simona

  2. These are lovely, Mary. I like the darker colors for Easter sometimes. from the garden. I would have never thought of that.

    Happy Easter, and I hope you have a special day filled with lots of love and family.


  3. Oh, I love that tea cup on your Header. :~)

  4. Che belle le tue uova!!!
    Lieta Pasqua <3

  5. Che meraviglia, brava!
    Felice Pasqua anche a te...
    Un abbraccio, Carla

  6. Love all of your beautiful eggs dear Mary... hard to chose just one favorite... wishing you a most beautiful Easter filled with abundant blessings... xoxo... Julie Marie

  7. Happy Easter!
    I love your beautiful Easter eggs! They are stunning.
    Have a blessed weekend, and thank you for visiting my blog today. I am a new follower.



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