Thursday, February 28, 2013

Priscilla e Giu Giu... Priscilla and Giu Giu...

One's TALL... One's small... One's girly,  the other not so much...  Both... adorable...
Wish I had better pictures of this special moment... I'll blame the wine...


  1. They are both beautiful!And I love the fashion sense!!!Outstanding!

  2. This is classic. Love it!

    My daughters: one so girlie she actually won an authentic 1940s costume contest and right now is hand sewing an authentic Elizabethan ensemble. SHE comes to my tea parties.

    My other daughter - who actually looks very girlie - drives an old black truck, surfs, only wears black or grey, would love those boots above, builds patios and goes to the hardware store and gun range with my husband when I have tea parties, haha. I will say since she recently started dating a good fella, though, she has experienced roses and champagne, candy and is wearing I think my tomboy may be changing with the times....but I am fairly certain she'll never change enough to love a tea party.

    Cute post!!

  3. Mary,
    Are these your daughters? These pictures are just priceless. I like the difference in the shoes and the clothes, but you can tell that there is so much love between them. I hope your weekend is as lovely as you are, Mary.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley


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