Saturday, February 2, 2013

Un ricordo di Papa'... A Memory of Dad...

On this day in 1993,  Dad passed away... I think of him often.  He was so cute... any holiday that came around he would ask me to buy a gift , or a card for him to give  ( usually for Mom) ,  but on Valentine's Day,  it was different.  I remember him bringing home  Valentine Heart Boxes filled with chocolates , topped with plastic roses and ribbon which he bought  at  the drug store . Mom's would be the biggest and the prettiest. Normally I wouldn't think of a gift from the drug store to be so great,  but these Valentines from Dad were extra special because  I knew he took time away from being at the restaurant  so that he could buy his girls a special little gift..To this day,  when Valentines hit the stores,  I can't help but think of him... and how special it felt to get this Valentine from Papa'.


  1. What precious Valentines Day memories of your sweet Papa... I know he is also close by, with you forever in your heart... your roses are so very beautiful too... xoxo Julie Marie

  2. Oh Mary. I have admired your Papa since I met you. Your blog is a reflection of how he influenced your life in so very many ways. He raised a lovely daughter.
    I too cherish the memory of drugstore Valentine chocolates.

  3. It's so hard to be the one left behind, isn't it? But what a great memory you told us about your dad. Thanks for sharing that. And I do remember those drug stores heart shaped boxes of chocolates. It might not have been the fanciest but as you said, someone took time to find just the right one!!

  4. Ricordi teneri, che struggono il cuore. Spero che tu sia riuscita a goderteli quando tuo padre era vivo e che lui sia riuscito a leggere la gioia negli occhi delle sue donne, vivendo attimi di perfetta felicità. Credo che l'italiano lo parli ancora, vero?
    Un abbraccio caloroso da Napoli.

  5. Very well said Mary. I adore how you have so many special memories of your Papa. My dad, too brought my mother the very same red heart Valentine's candy box.

  6. ...che tenerezza i tuoi ricordi!

  7. mi hai commossa con le tue parole… un'abbraccio Rosi

  8. Ricordi preziosi di famiglia!!!
    Un abbraccio Lieta

  9. Mary,
    Be still my and pink roses. What a nice present from your Dad. My Dad passed away too, over 20 years ago, and he is in my heart always. You know, your Papa raised a very special daughter.
    Thinking of you,

  10. What a beautiful post Mary...I was my Daddy's girl too....I adored my Pappa....I miss him everyday. N.xoxo

  11. What a beautiful sentiment to him from his beautiful daughter


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