Friday, February 22, 2013

Brie Con pera... Poached Pear on Brie...

Brie cheese is so decadent and incredibly delicious...  I love it soft and warm,  served with fruit and  Toasted Almonds,  or any nut for that matter.  This time ,  I topped it with a Pear,  which I poached in white wine.  When the pear was soft,  I removed it from the wine, then  added Balsamic Vinegar  and reduced it down until it was quite syrupy... then added some honey.  I drizzled this dark , slightly sweet  syrup over the Pear which I had placed upon a wedge of Brie that I had warmed  in the oven at 350 for a few minutes,  until it was soft.  I then sprinkled it with  a few Toasted Almonds...  Served with Bread and Wine (obviously ).... Spectacular!


  1. Che ricetta invitante!!! Brava!
    Buon WE Lieta

  2. Mmmmm, this looks like a beutiful dream. I shall write the recipe in my notebook. Thank you. Greetings from Lilian

  3. Looks amazing!Wish I could taste it from here!

  4. Mmm... Lovely! That would be a wonderful dish to sit down to.

  5. Oltre ad essere bellissima da vedere, questa ricetta è intrigante e raffinata.
    Grazie Mary.

  6. Oh I just LOVE pear with brie - - never liked chocolate with my pear (the first fancy dessert my husband fixed for me way back when we were courting!)

    But I looove pear and brie and seldom have it. Time to splurge and fix soon, yum - your post is making my mouth water!

  7. We adore poached pears! Your presentation is exquisite.


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