Monday, March 4, 2013

Giardino Primaverile... Spring Garden...

It's looking a lot like Spring with the new all the new growth on the Roses,  but there are still very bare areas,  and i'm still waiting for the Hydrangea to leaf out... they are not looking pretty!

The Anna Apple Blossoms are pretty...
 Stock smells like Springtime...

 Pink Jasmine fills the air with its sweet fragrance...


  1. Oh Mary, so beautiful!

    I can't wait till things become alive around here again - though my gardens look NOTHING as pretty as the ones you've shared with us today.

    Have a wonderful week!

  2. che bel giardino! mi piacciono i colori e la diversita' delle piante

  3. Mary, your boxwood hedge is amazing!
    These images are like sitting in front of the television waiting for Disney's Wonderful of Color! I can't wait to see the rest of the magic!

  4. Mary,
    I always love seeing your garden. The purple flowers are so lovely. Purple is my favorite color, so they caught my eye right away. The little girl statue is sweet, and ahhhhh, I can smell the yellow roses from here. Your garden is coming around nicely and soon it will be blooming with flowers. Have a good week, Mary.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  5. Ho giusto potato le rose domenica scorsa e ho visto i narcisi fare capolino tra l'erba, la primavera si avvicina anche in Italia...
    Siamo nuove followers, se ti va di passare da noi...

  6. Giardino splendido! e quell'uccellino...delizioso!
    Ciao Lieta

  7. How delightful to see your beautiful garden! Love the boxwood hedge!

  8. Beautiful garden.
    Can't wait to see everything wil grow.
    (sorry for my bad Englisch).
    I am your new follower.
    Lovely week.

  9. BEllissimo giardino, molto elegante! E il gelsomino rosa è meraviglioso!

  10. Thanks for visiting on my blog, you have a beautiful garden.

    Love Janny

  11. Well, your lovely spring garden just made my heart go pitter patter. :)
    We won't see anything like that around here for another couple of months.
    The blossoms are so pretty.
    Have a lovely weekend,
    Hugs Rosemary...xo

  12. late brother-in-law's family are from Bari! They are the most amazing family (hundreds of them! LOL!). I've always believed, if I wasn't English, I would have been Italian!

  13. Very pretty spring pictures. It's not quite spring here, still chilly.

  14. I can now feel the spring in our place. I saw a tree yesterday that is now blooming. Welcome Spring!

    littleton patios


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