Sunday, September 1, 2013



  1. My husband is Italian too and canoli - yum - one of his very favorites.

    Those look so good I am actually drooling!


  2. Che buoni i cannoli.
    I bought the shells Mary because I am not brave like you ;) but I haven't fill them. Of course ricotta is the traditional filling I am thinking of making crema pasticcera this time.
    For the ricotta filling I remember the bakery in Sicily use to add whipped cream to the ricotta to make it lighter, do you do that?
    Have a wonderful Labor Day! Ciao

  3. My very favorite!
    I used to hand carry cannoli from NYC to Seattle on my business trips, years ago. You may have given me the courage to try and make my own. I have my grandmothers pastry tubes.
    Bella, bella, my friend!

  4. Mmmm... those look so good!... wish I had one (or two or three!) right now with my coffee... xoxo Julie Marie

  5. Mmmmmmh!!! Io ADORO i cannoli ma non li
    Ho mai fatti...troppo difficili :(
    I tuoi sono stupendi e credo che siano anche buonissimi! Un bacione

  6. Mary,
    Now I know where you get your cooking skills from - your beloved Dad. The Cannoli look so delicious, and I like every ingredient in them. You know, I've never tried Cannoli before. Now it's on my list.

    Have a good week.


  7. Oh my. You need to install a "taste" button for this post. So yummy! I loved hearing about your memories of your father. A truly wonderful share.

  8. I want some! These look amazing and so decadent. You are such a good cook. i admire you so.....xoxo Linda

  9. Your blog is amazing, I love it. Just became your newest follower. Looking forward to all your future postings.
    Wishing you a happy day!
    Greetings, Heidi

  10. Oh, do those look yummy! And I know yours would have been so much better than the one my son ordered at a restaurant last weekend. "Stale", he says after the first bite! So disappointing when that happens. I love how you share your ventures into the kitchen with us...!!


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