Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Giardino Autunnale ... Autumn Garden...

Well,  I'm still waiting,  and not much is happening in the way of Pumpkins in the Garden.  I only have one decent size Pumpkin.  The heat has helped ,  there are finally Female Flowers with little Pumpkins attached.  Hopefully the weather will continue to help them grow into pretty little Pumpkins. These two Pumpkins are from Paul and Edy's Garden...  beautiful,  I don't believe that any of mine are going to be this gorgeous... Keeping my fingers crossed...


  1. le zucche sono troppo belle e la natura in autunno un'amore!baci simona

  2. Lovely autumn post !! happy day Ria...x !

  3. Oh Mary, I know how much you were hoping for pumpkins this year. Well, it's still early. Always a delight to see your garden. The little laughing pig made me smile. And that hanging vase in the last picture is gorgeous!


  4. Mary, Your Summer into Autumn garden is beautiful. I think that I met you in the Fall of last year, because I remember how pretty your kale was.
    The morning glorly is exquisite, my friend!.

  5. il maialino sorridente mi fa sorridere. Bel giardino autunnale

  6. Hi Mary! Decorating, gardening and cooking are all things I love so I am following you! I love the Italian theme of your blog! The hanging lantern in the last picture is so pretty!
    have a great weekend!


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