Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Pane artigianale... Artisan bread...

A chi non piace il pane?...  Who doesn't like bread?...
I love making bread... Mixing & kneading the dough,  waiting for it to rise,  then baking it... and the aroma coming from the oven... mmmm....
The rustic golden brown loaves are beautiful ,  just sitting,  waiting to be eaten,  which usually 
happens pretty quickly!


  1. Mary,
    This bread looks so delicious! You are such a great cook. I think you can make any recipe look and taste fantastic! Thanks for your comment yesterday, it was a difficult day, but you made it better.

    Love You,

  2. Thanks Jody... Hope today is a better day.
    Love You,

  3. Mmmmm, your bread looks so deicious! Yeast breads intimidate me and I avoid baking them. But look what I'm missing out on!

  4. Thanks Lisa, You shouldn't feel intimidated.... they aren't really that difficult, just need a little tender loving care. Thanks for visiting.

  5. Hi Mary!
    Can I write in Italian?

    Grazie per il tuo commento al mio primo post, sono passati ormai due anni e mezzo e questa di essere una blogger è un'esperienza meravigliosa!
    Che meraviglia queste pagnotte!!


  6. , Grazie Francesca, come vedi, e da poco tempo che sone una blogger pero gia mi piace tanto. E bello vedere tutte le belle idee di altre persone!

    Baci Mary


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