Thursday, April 26, 2012

Una cena semplice... A simple dinner...

One of my husbands favorite pasta dishes is Pasta with Green Beans... it's very simple,  very traditional,  and makes him happy.  Add a nice bottle of wine (standard for us),  some delicious  Mortadella from Little Italy along with some Oil Cured Olives,  a freshly baked loaf of  Artisan Bread... and that's as simple as it gets... Fantastico


  1. One of my favorite pastas too, so delicious. Beautiful bread, I want some!

  2. Dear Mary, this was a quick meal at our house growing up and now too!!!! So good and so easy, simple and delicious.... Mom would use her fresh picked beans from the the mortadella and olives also, N.xoxo

  3. Ciao Maria, piacere di conoscerti!
    Un abbraccio e grazie per la tua visita!

  4. Pasta is my favorite and this looks so good! I live in Cajun country where it is mostly seafood and rice dishes...not my fave.


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