Monday, April 23, 2012

Un po di pioggia... A little rain

We had a little rain during the night,  but now it's just a little gloomy.  The kind of  gray that makes you wish it would  just rain.  We are pretty spoiled here in San Diego,  so when the sun isn't shining brightly,  we usually are complaining about it.  So it may be gray outside,  but inside there is plenty of sunshine by way of fresh flowers and a little sparkle...


  1. Beautiful images! Thank you for visiting the Vintage Nest. It has been rainy and gloomy here for several days too but we needed the rain really bad. I kinda like gloomy days though. Puts me in the mood to cook and bake and read. xoxo

  2. Maria,
    le rose sono stupende! The iron stand is incredible. Ciao Rita

  3. Love your roses! We have rain coming our way this evening! I love the rain! xo

  4. I'm sure SD is gorgeous even with gray skies! You have lovely roses!


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