Thursday, March 23, 2017

Un Compleanno Per Mamma...A Birthday For Mom...

At 96 years she is still amazing!  A sweet and gentle Lady,  always wanting to keep herself looking lovely... nails done,  hair too... and jewelry of course.  We are so lucky to have her,  and Anna,  with her unwavering commitment to taking good care of Mom.  Seeing to Mom's needs and overseeing the care by her sweet caregivers  takes a lot of time and effort,  yet she wouldn't have it any other way.  I am so grateful,  and I know that Frances and Paul are as well.  We had a good celebration for her birthday... Anna and Nicola hard at work making Wood Fired Pizza's.  Paul and Edy brought Meatballs from the restaurant.  Giulietta and I both made a cake.  Hers was Triple Chocolate,  which she made completely by herself ( at 8 years of age... (WOW) and it was delicious,  she is following in the footsteps of an entire family of Chef's, Cooks,  and Foodies.  Mine was a Vanilla Cake  filled with Vanilla Pastry Cream and Fresh Blueberry Compote.  I Painted the cake with little blue (Mom's favorite color)  rosebuds which matched the plate that I served it on.  Surrounded by immediate family and loved ones,  once again we celebrated our wonderful Mother.


  1. What a wonderful birthday celebration, Mary. Happy Birthday to your dear mom. wow, 96 years old! The cake is very nice, and I'm really into blue right now. The blue rose serving dish goes perfect with the cake. Sweet pictures of all the family, and I love the one with the doll. : )

    You all made it such a special day for your mom.


  2. Questa torta è meravigliosa!!!!!
    Di una finezza squisita!
    Auguri di cuore alla mamma...
    Un abbraccio.

  3. Leggendo il post ma soprattutto guardando le immagini, mi sono commossa ed emozionata: quanto amore per questa meravigliosa e bellissima mamma! I miei più sinceri auguri e i complimenti per una festa per tutti voi indimenticabile!


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