Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Fai Da Te Per Primavera... DIY For Springtime...

I asked Jody if she would show me how to make the Mosaic Shovel and Trowels that she made a while ago.  We set off  on the hunt for pretty plates to use in our craft...after finding a collection of plates  that we liked,  along with old shovels that we each had on hand, we got together and did our craft.  It was fun seeing the pieces come together to make a unique garden ornament. I have been enjoying some crafting lately and am feeling more like myself after the move... finally.  A little crafting and as always,  lots of cooking and baking makes me feel like me.


  1. These are just so lovely, Mary. I really like that first one with the blues. Such a creative project, and I'm glad it's starting to feel like home for you. Crafting is so fun, and it's been awhile for me. They really are creative. You did a wonderful job on them. : )


  2. WOW!!! That's really nifty, Mary!!!!!


  3. Bellissime ispirazioni!! Veramente deliziosi i coniglietti dei piatti... perfette idee di primavera, chissà che bello il tuo terrazzo!
    ... buon lavoro!


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