Friday, January 8, 2016

Giardino Invernale… Winter Garden…

It's nice to get out and do a little winter gardening after the Holidays.  I've pruned most of the Roses and will continue pruning the rest in the next week or so.  My cabbages,  broccoli ,  and cauliflower plants are growing well… enjoying this cold weather that we've been having.  I am planting some sweet pea seeds and some Queen Anne's lace.   As always,  this time of year,  I am planting some ornamental cabbages.  We are having a very wet week,  so much rain,  and i'm loving every minute of it.  Thinking of how the garden will benefit from the rain makes me very happy, and happy to be inside,  cooking,  and doing a little crafting with natural elements…


  1. Those potatoes look yum!!! As does the popovers!

  2. Those potatoes look yum!!! As does the popovers!

  3. Mary, my roses are not blooming any more. It's been raining and the cold weather has brought them to a halt. The food looks yummy on here, and your garden is always a delight to see. I would love to sit out there for awhile. I think you have the prettiest pink roses in blog land.

    Have a lovely weekend, Mary.


  4. Very envious of you from up here in the land of "foggy and soggy"! I am just now catching up on my blogging.
    Wishing you and your beautiful family "Happy New Year", Mary!

  5. E' una gioia osservare il tuo incantevole giardino... il mio è avvolto da una fitta nebbia, tutto è immobile e in attesa..le previsioni dicono che pioverà. chissà se arriverà anche la neve?
    Complimenti per la tavola che è sempre raffinata e colma di prelibatezze!
    Buon 2016!

  6. ho provato a fare un winter senza aver successo. Provero' di nuovo.

  7. E' bellissimo il tuo post. Complimenti veramente per tutto, i cavoli sono favolosi!!!!!!!!! Un abbraccio


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