Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Una Torta Per Una Cara Cugina…A Cake For A Dear Cousin…

We went to Mary and Roberts for dinner the other night,  and since it was just a few days after Mary's Birthday,  I thought that I would take a Cake to wish her a Happy Birthday.  With so much going on lately,  I  was short on inspiration,  and time,  and had no idea how I wanted to decorate the cake… I ended up making a Cannoli Cake.  Four layers, filled with a classic Cannoli filling of Fresh Ricotta, with whipped cream,  chocolate chips,  rum and cinnamon, and some candied almonds for texture with a rum based cake,  decorated simply and sweetly.


  1. Semplicemente meravigliosa...
    Un abbraccio.

  2. Mary, every time I come by, I see more and more of your amazing talents. This cake is so pretty and wow!, does it ever sound delicious!!! The fondant icing with the buttons makes it so unique. I LOVE it!

    sending hugs...

  3. Marty, you call that SIMPLE??????

    I hang my head in sheer shame.

    You are absolutely amazing.

  4. What a sweet cake with a simple design, Mary. The filling sounds delicious. That was nice of you to do this for your cousin. I like the pretty petals that you drew around the cake, that's a nice touch.

    love, ~Sheri


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