Sunday, August 16, 2015

Stile Estivo… Summer Style…

August is upon us… It is definitely summer,  but changes are in the air,  and I am beginning to feel the familiar longing for one of my favorite seasons…Fall.   I don't like to rush it though ,  and I really wish the retailers wouldn't rush us into Fall either…  Meanwhile,  in an effort to stay in summer mode,  I will continue to surround myself with little summer touches of decor and light dishes.


  1. La tua tavola è eccezionale, piena di sapore e di colori, per celebrare l'estate con un bel pranzo domenicale!
    ...Ma sono caramelle mou?? Che delizia!

  2. Oh, my, Mary- to be a guest at one of your outdoor gatherings would be a dream come true!

    Everything is absolutely amazing - you nailed it, just WOW!!!!!

  3. Mamma mia!...è meraviglioso il tuo stile estivo...dalla tavola alla cucina.
    Tutto perfetto.
    Buon serata.

  4. All this food looks delicious, Mary. I sure do miss my mom's fried egg plant. Haven't had it in a long time. I smiled at the carved watermelon. We had a watermelon at our wedding with our names carved on it. Love all your last summer touches around your home.


  5. mmmmmmmm........sigh......mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmmmmm! And the photos! Gorgeous.


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