Friday, August 28, 2015

Nel Giardino… In The Garden…

This heat is becoming annoying,  not to mention the humidity,  so unlike our perfect San Diego weather.  On the bright side,  I am excited to actually see Pumpkins forming on the sprawling vines… hopefully they will continue to grow and not be attacked by unwanted visitors.  Trying to conserve water during this awful drought is challenging… the roses aren't too happy about it,  giving me just several roses at a time,  rather than the typical masses of color that we are used to seeing.


  1. Your flowers are stunning, Mary!

    I am sorry you don't have perfect weather - my daughter lived in SD for 7 years and misses your weather....we are sooooo used to either super cold with too much snow, or super hot and humid to the point where one can't go out for most of the year, seriously messed up weather.

    I wouldn't ever want to give up 4 seasons, but the older I get the more interested I am becoming....


  2. Beautiful photos of your beautiful flowers. I hope you get a few pumpkins. Hopefully, when El Nino arrives or does his thing, you will get the very much needed rain.

  3. Those purple flowers are beautiful, Mary. It looks like the sun is shining right through them. And that vase with the lips is very unique, I love that! Your roses look pretty good considering this drought we are having. It's been very hot here too, but without the humidity.

    Your garden is so enchanting, Mary. I just picked a few ripened tomatoes from my garden today and gave them to Jess.

    love, ~Sheri

  4. Nonostante il caldo e la siccità, il tuo giardino è comunque meraviglioso! Buon settembre!


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