Sunday, July 20, 2014

Una Giornata Nel Giardino… A Day In The Garden…

 It's been hot and muggy,  and I'm  slightly disappointed in the summer garden.  Some things are happy but I'm not getting the kind of growth that I'd hoped for in the new raised  garden beds…The pumpkins are small so far,  but I'm not giving up


  1. sunflowers, daisies, and pumpkins.
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. It all looks very beautiful to me Mary! Wish I could grow some has been a very different growing season here as well...more rain than normal and my roses this year were a bit disappointing...but I will take anything from our rather short growing season....N.xo

  3. che bello il tuo giardino Mary..una meraviglia!anche gli stivaletti da giardino!!!!
    un baciooooo

  4. Wow quanti frutti e quanti fiori !!!!!!!!!!!! Ch bello :))))))))

  5. Aahh Mary, you and Jess have the same idea - she just posted a picture of a sunflower too. When I saw the eggplant in your garden I smiled because I remember my dad bringing home eggplant from his garden and my mom frying it up for dinner. I never liked the taste much, but now I miss her fried eggplant. I love the pumpkin - keep growing them, Mary. They may get bigger by Fall.



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