Tuesday, July 1, 2014

In Cucina… In The Kitchen…

Seems like lots of baked goods coming out of the kitchen lately.  Frances brought me several traditional Focaccia Pans from Italy this past spring.  She told me that I needed to burn them in a wood fired oven  to "season" them ,  so Nicola did that for me recently .  The Focaccia turned out really well in the pans,  and released easily.  Fresh Tomatoes,  Mozzarella, and Herbs on Puff Pastry for a quick appetizer,  Brioche Rolls for Burgers,  a Summer Peach Tart…and of course,  a Rustic Loaf…


  1. Mary quanto sei brava e che specialità!!!!tanti tanti complimenti!
    buona serata simona:)

  2. mi fai venire fame ogni volta che vedo le tue delizie!!

  3. These foods look delicious, Mary. I love how you always put a design on the breads you bake. I wish I had some of your peach tart to go with my morning tea.

    Happy Fourth of July. I hope you have a fun day with your family.


  4. Everything looks so good Mary! Peaches are so good right now and the tart looks delicious.

  5. Oh my word, Mary- you've done it again- made me totally drool on my keyboard, haha. WOW!
    Everything looks incredibly delicious!!

    Have a wonderful weekend. Hhugs.

  6. Oh each image is yummier that the last. I wish my computer had a "taste" button.

    Have a Happy 4th of July!


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