Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Una Torta Per Giu Giu… A Cake For Giu Giu…

Somehow,  Giu Giu's Birthday Party with girlfriends got postponed until now… She and Isa planned the party,  Red Roses were Giu Giu's idea,   and I offered to make the cake.  Very fun to make this adorable Mini… Giu Giu and her little girl friends loved it… 


  1. BE STILL MY HEART! This is an amazing cake. Disney is Jess and Nel's favorite, so I'll have them come over and take a look. Giu Giu must have loved it. You did a fabulous job on the Minnie cake, Mary. We just went to Downtown Disney after Jess' graduation and ate Italian food to celebrate. Oh, this cake has FUN written all over it. And the red roses and Minnie purse add something special to it all. This is awesome!


  2. ma è fantastica!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!complimenti è troppo bella!auguri alla festeggiata!ti abbraccio simona:)

  3. Love it!!! I'm sure Giu Giu did too!

  4. I knew Sheri from Red Rose Alley would be swooning!

    How adorable, Mary! I must pin this for future inspiration!
    Holland Grace has recently become smitten with the Disney characters. ( She has finally grown past Caillou...thank goodness!)

    Giu Giu must have been over the moon with her beautiful cake! Disney couldn't have done it better, my friend!

  5. Oh, my gosh, Mary - you have outdone yourself, ma'am...that is AMAZING.

    Hey, I need to catch up on back posts, sorry been absent, not intentionally. HUGS!!


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