Saturday, June 14, 2014

Per Papá… For Dad…

For Dad,  who taught me how to cook… and for Jim,  a wonderful father to our daughter,  and to my brother,  and brother's in law, and all the other fathers in my life who love to eat and cook… Love you all… Happy Father's Day…


  1. What a blessing to have learned to cook from your father. We are so lucky to see a reflection of you and your dad cooking together when we visit your beautiful blog.
    What a wonderful image of your Jim!
    Have a blessed Father's Day!

  2. hai preparato delle specialità...complimenti è tutto bellissimo e buonissimo!auguri al tuo papà...simona:)

  3. Mary,
    These dishes look scrumptious. It sounds like you have a wonderful father. This is a great picture, is that your husband? We were in So Cal this weekend, as Jess graduated getting her Masters in Teaching. It was a busy three days.

    Oh, I wish I had a slice of that pie right now. It's no wonder that you are a good cook with all the men in your life who love to eat and cook as well.


  4. Oh you so majorally inspire me. Just yum.

    I hope you party at the linky Foodie Friday at Rattlebridge Farm blog!?


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