Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Il Giardino Cresce… The Garden Grows…

The garden is happy… I've been planting fewer seasonal flowers,  just to keep things a little less labor intensive… The garden has "good bones",   which more and more  will give plenty of color,  and lots of green.  The raised beds are growing , but,  not as quickly as I would have expected.  Planting lots of Sunflowers,  and,   as I do each year,  hoping that I will be successful with my Pumpkins.


  1. che meraviglia da te!bellissimo Mary!complimenti!un bacione simona:)

  2. Mary,
    When we move to our final home, I want a garden just like yours. I loved browsing through all the pictures and seeing the variety of flowers that you have in your garden. You must know that the roses are my favorite. but I love those last pink flowers too. What's the name of those? Your sitting area is so green and peaceful..........LOVE IT ALL!


  3. Mary, your garden is one of the prettiest I have ever viewed.

    Priscilla and your family have been on my mind since the tragic circumstances at SPU, last Thursday.The moment I heard the news, I said a prayer thanking God that Priscilla and Chrislyn's good friend Agnes were no longer in school. So relieved.

  4. OH. MY. Gosh!

    You have the most BEAUTIFUL gardens, Mary. They are absolutely heavenly!!!! ♥♥♥


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