Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Un Piccolo Regalo Dal Giardino... A Small Gift From The Garden...

  A simple wreath made from Rosemary,  Bay Laurel,  Nutmeg scented Geranium,  and a few drying roses,  all from the garden,  made a fragrant,   and pretty little hostess gift to take to Virginia's house.  I love simple little bundles , or wreaths,  of fresh herbs,  hanging in the kitchen or pantry looking pretty,  smelling good,  and ready  to use while cooking...


  1. Buongiorno Mary, come và? Anche io quando riesco, ma il tempo manca sempre, riesco a fare delle composizioni con i fiori autunnali; sono molto belle! See you soon. Bye from Rome

  2. Lovely wreath Mary !!...enjoy the day love Ria...x !

  3. Oh, what a beautiful page. Of course my lovely friend, Sheri would have you on her sidebar. I dream of visiting Italy one day, so I could not resist the title.
    LOVE your gorgeous wreath.

  4. Oh, this wreath made me smile BIG, as it is filled with beautiful roses. What a nice gift, and I think she will love it. You're so talented, Mary, and always coming up with unique and special things to make.


  5. Mary...I have fallen behind with my comments this week! I never miss a post, as you are on my sidebar. Everything about this wreath is beautiful! I can only imagine the fragrance. It would be hard to snip away at this sweet and savory loveliness!


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