Friday, October 25, 2013

Nel Giardino Autunnale... In The Autumn Garden...

I haven't been doing as  much in the garden as I typically do,  but it's still looking ok.  Planting some Ornamental Cabbages in Fall is a must... The fountain Garden area is happy,  with lots of Arugula, Rainbow Chard, various Herbs,  Lavender,  and Artichokes.  The Roses continue to bloom here and there , and there are lots of pumpkins around... and my favorite garden statue stands ready for Halloween!


  1. Mary, your Autumn garden is beautiful and spirited with the perfectly placed pumpkins and the radiant lady! You have captured the roses is such perfect light. They are magnificent!
    Happy weekend!

  2. ma quanto sono belle le zucche...poi il giardino è una meraviglia!bacioni simona

  3. Oh, look at those roses! The purple ones are amazing. I've never seen that color before. Every time I see your garden statue I can't help but smile because it's gorgeous. What a fun, festive, and pretty wreath you have around her. My mom used to cook chard for my dad sometimes. She was always in the kitchen making different things. This is such a beautiful post today, Mary, and one of my favorites so far. I may come back again just to see those pink roses.

    Enjoy the weekend.


  4. Belle le rose, anzi bellissime, stupende le zucche dai colori incredibili gallina!
    A presto,

  5. Che spettacolo i tuoi fiori!!! e quella torre di zucche...pure!!!
    Buona domenica

  6. Oh your garden is still so extraordinarily lovely, wow.

    Mine is falling asleep in its ugly waiting-to-be-covered-in-snow nakedness.

    Did you see my snow post last week? I about had a heart attack in shock when I opened my blinds. Funny the evening before was cool but we carved our pumpkins at that party outdoors, we had a nice fire going but I didn't even wear a COAT! My son in law said it was supposed to snow that night late and we laughed and poo-pooed it, thinking he was kidding. I need to listen to that fella closer and trust him, because he wasn't kidding. LOL.

    Thanks for your loyal visits, you are such a dear gal. Big hugs.

  7. I could look at your beautiful roses all day Mary! Your Fall garden is looking so lovely.


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