Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A Mare ... ... At The Beach...

It was a very special day at the beach.  The youngest,  Giulietta 4, and the oldest,  Nonna 92,  along with Priscilla 22,   Anna,  Isa and me.  It is not easy taking mom to the beach because trudging through the sand is tough,  but we had a wonderful time that i'm sure we all will remember fondly.


  1. Mary,
    I can't believe your mom is wearing a bathing suit to the beach at 92! What a wonderful woman she is. Look what you have to look forward to. Priscilla is so cute in these pictures, and she looks like she is being so patient with the little one and having lots of fun! I haven't been to the beach in so long. Both my girls live near the ocean, so maybe when I'm there visiting next month, I'll stop by. These pictures are priceless, and will be memories of a special day spent together.


  2. Cara Mary, quello che mi piace del tuo blog è proprio questo: ogni volta che entro mi sento accolta come famiglia!! Ti invidio anche un pochino, perché siete in invece, figlia unica, la mia family è davvero very small :(( ...Che belle immagini e che bei ricordi conserverete per sempre!!
    Un abbraccio con affetto

  3. What a wonderful day with all four generations of gorgeous ladies:)
    We were there that day but early evening and we missed the beautiful weather, sunset was amazing though. What delicacies did you bring to eat?

  4. First time stopping by! Love your beach/family photos and I like the way your family is so close:) I grew up in Southern CA along the coast and now live in WA state .. and I DO miss the beach days.


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