Monday, July 22, 2013

Nel Giardino...In The Garden...

We got some rain today,  which is so unusual during this time of the year.  It was a nice change ,  and so good for the Garden. The Roses keep giving us beautiful blooms without too much  effort,  Sunflowers are blooming and many more will follow as I keep poking more Sunflower seeds,  in various colors,  into the ground in hopes of having lots of Sunflowers into Autumn. There are Morning Glorys growing up trellises  and a few Hollyhock.   Eggplants are growing nicely,  Pumpkins,  S L O W L Y...
New little Grapevines adorned with a few perfect clusters of Grapes...There are plenty of Herbs for cooking, cocktails and just plain beauty.   I just planted a new Kitchen Garden around the Fountain,  with Vegetables , Flowers ,  and Herbs.  I look forward to it filling in quickly...



  1. Beautiful roses! Are those David Austin's? Our weather has been crazy (rain every for 2 months, then several weeks of 90+ and no rain!), but I have a few roses that I got late in the season and that are about to bloom for the first time and I am so excited!

    La Quaintrelle

  2. che meraviglia!giardino bellissimo, foto fantastiche!baci simo

  3. Good morning Mary... your gardens are so pretty and your Roses just stunning!... your grapes look so yummy!... my Morning Glory has climbed all the way up one of my birdhouse poles but no blooms yet... it has been 100 degrees or higher here for days now and things are drooping some in this heat (me too!)... can't wait to see your pumpkins!... and some of my feathered friends "planted" some giant sunflowers for me by dropping seeds in my garden, so I have left them... I am excited for them to bloom too... have a beautiful day!... xoxo Julie Marie

  4. Che meraviglia le tue rose,le adoro!!! e anche il resto,la matura da te è meravigliosa!
    Ciao a presto Lieta

  5.!!!! Che FA VO LA!!!! Che fiori e che giardino incantevoli: sei proprio bravissima, cara Mary...un riesco solo con le ortensie e i gerani!!
    Un abbraccione grande!

  6. Your garden is simply beautiful with all of your flowers and herbs! And we had grapevines growing up...oh how I miss those grapes...enjoy!


  7. I love your beautiful garden! It's gorgeous!

  8. Ma è meraviglioso lì da te!!!! Le tue rose sono magnifiche.
    Qui in Puglia la stagione delle rose è un ricordo ormai lontano, fa molto caldo!!!
    Un abbraccio.

  9. Ciao Mary, che bello vedere delle rose fiorite... Stupende!
    Io ho appena fatto un giardino di aromatiche!

  10. Mary,
    Your garden is coming along nicely. The roses are just gorgeous, especially the pink ones. You know my mom used to cook fried eggplant for my dad, so your eggplant brought back some memories for me. She was always cooking in the kitchen. I would love to visit you garden, and I can't wait to see your pumpkins this Fall.


  11. Mary!
    Your garden is beautiful! I always hesitate to grow certain things because of our unpredictable Summer weather. We made the decision to go with flowers and herbs this year. We also planted blueberries. We now regret not planting our traditional garden because the July weather has been amazing.

    Since we missed the boat, I'll bask in your beautiful garden images! You must share what you do with that eggplant!


  12. Absolutely adorable peonies!
    Your garden is gorgeous
    Best regards
    CAta Alvarez


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