Monday, July 1, 2013

Giardino Estivo... Summer Garden...

The garden seems to be pretty happy.   The Roses are Blooming,  repeatedly ,  Tomatoes  are starting to ripen,  and the  Hydrangea are huge .  I will be happier when the Pumpkin  plants grow much larger and show promise of giving me lots of Pumpkins for Fall... My favorite!


  1. Your gardens are so beautiful Mary!... I especially love your Foxgloves and Cosmos... those were my great~grandmother's favorites... so I always plant them in my gardens too, for her... like you, I love Fall and pumpkins!... I hope yours grow plentiful!... xoxo Julie Marie

  2. Meraviglia delle tuo giardino è così pieno di fiori che mi piace tantissimo.

  3. Mary,
    I could sit in your garden every day. Ahhh, there is nothing like home grown tomatoes. My dad used to have a garden across the street from our house when I was growing up, and he would bring home the most wonderful tomatoes. What are those bright pink flowers in Picture 9? I would love to have them in my back yard. Your garden looks beautiful, and you must be so glad that everything is in full bloom right now.

    Have a great week.


  4. Nice garden do you have, beautiful roses and big tomatoes! Enjoy,
    Love Janny

  5. Che meraviglia il tuo giardino pieno di colori!... Te lo invidio un po'... ^___^

  6. Hai un giardino da sogno! E' spettacolare! quelle ortensie blu dal fiore doppio mi commuovono addirittura!
    Hai creato un piccolo paradiso! Bravissima Mary!

  7. Che meraviglia il tuo giardino... le ortensie sono splendide.
    Mi piacciono anche quelli viola ( che sono i fiori dell'aglio?)
    Ti abbraccio cara.

  8. Your garden is so pretty! Lovely roes and perennials - and I do love the hedge in the first picture. Lovely!

  9. I am so impressed by your garden! Those roses and hydrangea are lovely. We have so much wild life coming through our yard it would be difficult to have a vegetable garden. I am always envious when I see a beautiful garden.. your tomatoes look wonderful!

  10. How wonderful your garden looks! I'm full of envy! I love a vegetable garden as much as a flower garden. Good luck with those pumpkins!


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