Sunday, June 16, 2013

Una Nuova Tavola Rustica ... A New Farm Table...

I had been wanting / needing a  large Farm Table for  all of the outdoor dining we do.  Jim asked Paul if he'd help him build one for me.  I told them the look I was going for, and we  came up with the design.  As it turned out,  Paul,  who is an amazing craftsman ( among other things) did 90 percent of the building in his wood shop.  Jim and I chose the three top planks from the wood yard and had them delivered.  Paul and Jim finished the assembly of the main structure right on the patio where the table would "live".  It's made of solid Cedar,  14 feet long and 3 feet wide.  I wanted it long to  accommodate all of the large gatherings with family and friends,  but narrow for an intimate feel... I did not want a "Fred Flintstone " table... it had to be large but sleek.    Right now the table looks "perfect",  long and narrow,   but i'm looking forward to dings and imperfections created by lots of dinners , and  to the driftwood grey color that cedar turns with age,  The guy at the wood yard said that should take about 6 months.  Paul is so busy with the restaurant,  and Jim with the stores,  but they took time out to do this for me for my birthday ,  and I am so grateful.  Paul and Edy had these old chairs from the restaurant that they do not use anymore,  so they gave them to me.  I plan on painting and distressing them.... Amazing husband,  amazing brother... thanks guys!


  1. Oooh Mary!... your new farm table is beautiful!... I just love it!... it's so big and wonderful... how fun that you have so many guests for dinner and parties and such... love seeing your pretty mama there too... Happy Fathers Day to all the daddys in your family, xoxo Julie Marie

  2. bellissimo e grandissimo!! mi piace molto, davvero!! poter invitare tanti amici a condividere il pasto!
    un bacione, manu

  3. Mammmia che bella! Stupenda! Ciao simona

  4. Oh Mary...
    It's amazing!
    Bravo to Jim and Paul!
    What a beautiful lifetime is "set" for this table as it is filled with brilliance, and surrounded with love!

  5. Mary,
    What a wonderful table, hand built by the two special guys in your life. They did a great job. I like how it is long, but narrow. I think it's exactly what I would choose. The cedar is so pretty, but I wish it stayed that way. It's too pretty to fade, but like all woods, they fade with age and sun. Your table must look so nice in your back yard.

    Have a sweet day.


  6. Anch'io vorrei avere un cosi bel tavolo per le mie cene!!! Fortunata Mary!!!
    Abbracci Lieta

  7. Wow that table is beautiful. LOL at not wanting a Fred Flintstone table.

  8. Mary the table is amazing! That would even sit my entire family :) I know you are going to love using it!


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